Hopkins & Huebner Employment Law Attorneys Speak at Small Business Success Summit

Photo of scales of justiceHopkins & Huebner employment law attorneys Hugh Cain, Brent Hinders, and Eric Updegraff will speak at the 2019 Small Business Success Summit.Hugh, Brent, and Eric will speak on the topic “Essentials for Hiring in Your Small Business and What to Include in a Handbook.” The presentation will walk you through the essential Iowa and Federal Statutes that govern small- and medium-sized employers. It also includes what documents you need to have when hiring an employee, what you need in an employee handbook, and how to defend yourself against claims made by an employee.This is the third annual Small Business Success Summit hosted by the Greater Des Moines Partnership. The purpose of the summit is to inform, educate, and inspire local business owners in the Greater Des Moines area.  For more information, please visit their website