Workers' Compensation Defense

Hopkins & Huebner: Your Iowa work comp lawyers for over 60 years.

Our workers' compensation attorneys represent employers, insurance companies, self-insured businesses, and third-party administrators in workers’ compensation cases throughout Iowa and Illinois.

We have represented clients in cases involving intoxication defense, complex medical issues, death cases, heart attacks, closed head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, mental claims involving depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), scheduled member, shoulder claims, body as a whole, occupational hearing loss, toxic chemical exposure, mold exposure, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), infections, quadriplegia, and paraplegia cases.

We offer a client-centric approach to workers' compensation case resolution. Our attorneys want to make the process of handling work comp claims as easy and efficient as possible.


Our workers’ compensation lawyers provide comprehensive legal services including consultations, pre-litigation analysis of liability and exposure, industrial disability, interpreting medical evidence, exposure estimates, physician recommendations, impairment ratings, return to work issues, drafting of legal documents, pleadings, motions, hearings, post-hearing matters, and evidence gathering and preservation.

Our Workers' Compensation Group: 6 available, accessible & approachable attorneys

Hopkins & Huebner, P.C. has a workers’ compensation group that is comprised of attorneys that represent clients in litigated proceedings before the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, and district courts and appellate courts in Iowa and Illinois. The workers’ compensation group at Hopkins & Huebner, P.C. has included four former Deputy Commissioners and one former Iowa Industrial Commissioner.

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