Municipal and Government

Governing the Landscape:   At Hopkins & Huebner, P.C., we pride ourselves on our ability to help municipalities get down to the business of running a government.

Our attorneys can help with municipal issues of all shapes and sizes

lady-justicev2.jpgThe municipal attorneys at Hopkins & Huebner, P.C. have represented cities, counties, small towns, drainage districts, boards of adjustment, zoning boards, and 28Es throughout Iowa and  Illinois. We have represented our clients at the state, federal, and local level.

Our attorneys have worked on cases involving Writs of Certiorari, partition fence issues, wind turbine issues, agricultural exemptions for property, zoning issues, takings issues, drainage ditch issues, annexation, land use, ordinance issues, collective bargaining, labor negotiations, regulatory rules and procedures, open or closed meetings, and open records requests.

Over time we have developed a very close relationship with the municipalities around the state and through representation. Our team is ready to assist you and your community in any matter presented.

serving our clients in Iowa and Illinois for over 60 years

Our attorneys have 60 years of combined experience in managing municipal and government law cases. We offer a client-centric approach by  providing long-term advice and counsel to help get the best results for any situation.


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